Jamaica Ambassador Programs was conceived in October 2010 by Eveth Colley who felt a great burden for her former community, Flower Hill, Montego Bay, Jamaica. After migrating to the United States over 29 years ago, she was alarmed, upon her return, at the lack of progress and the economically oppressed vision she saw of that area and the neighboring towns.

Upon her investigation as to the cause of this crisis, the responses made it very clear that a lack of quality education through generations was the key contributor to the state of affairs. It was then she accepted a Divine Inspiration to commit to promoting Education as a Path to Progress as a vehicle to promote activities that will fight against the cycles of poverty with the ultimate goal to impact the necessary changes for this and other communities to be vibrant and self-sufficient.

She returned to the community in March 2011 and 177 students who are financially challenged, were registered for school supplies. Additionally, she was granted a room in an existing Kindergarten School to begin the town’s first library and will also provide school items for that and for a neighboring school.

Upon her return to the United States, she began the process of forming the organization and as of April 30, 2011, Jamaica Ambassador Programs was registered as a NJ Non-Profit Organization and is now a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.  With the help and support of good people, over 700 books have been donated to begin the first library in the community. Fundraising has now begun to raise the finances to purchase the school supplies for the 177 registered students. On August 2, 2011 Jamaica Ambassador Programs returned to Flower Hill to distribute school supplies and to assist in the implementation of the programs that are designed to Promote Education as a Path to Progress!