Jamaica Ambassador Programs is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization founded by Eveth Colley in 2011 to provide financial and educational support for underprivileged children in developing countries.  The organization started its programs in the community of Flower Hill Jamaica, where the founder lived as a child.  The goal is to expand to other similar communities in Jamaica, then to other Caribbean Islands and then to other developing and underdeveloped countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide educational assistance and support to students who are facing poverty and financial struggles as an obstacle to their success. To encourage achievements that will lead to economic progress and empowerment through education.

Our Vision

To encourage achievements that will lead to economic progress and empowerment and break generational cycles of poverty by promoting education.  The organization supports activities which impact changes for a vibrant and self-sufficient community such as mobile libraries which would be a free educational resource for the students, giving them the opportunity to use books as means of expanding their minds through reading. 

Our Goal

We seek to accomplish our goals through mentoring and to form alliances with those who are willing and able to donate time, money, resources and services to those we are helping. To win the fight against the cycles of poverty and oppression by helping children and communities to attain a progressive lifestyle through academic achievements.

Our Team



Collado Eveth Colley, President & Founder
Veronica Sudia, Vice-President
Jennifer Collie, Treasurer
Ayesha Bashiru
Desmond Battiste
Diana Castro Stephanie
Susan Crooks
Yvette Donaldson
Janet Irby-Miller
Tanika Miller
Patricia Penrose
Thameera Ramesar
Linda Rawls-Fenney
Felicia Vaughn Mayfield
Jean Wesh
Kenneth Witter